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One of the most popular animals at the Santa Barbara Zoo is the Giraffe with a neck deformity, Gamena. This Baringo Giraffe was born normally in the San Diego Wild Animal Park in 1986 , but as she grew she developed a bend in her neck. The deformity does not cause her pain and is likely caused by a benign bone tumor in one of her joints or from an incident from her youth.

Daily 10am-5pm 
Adult (13-59) $10;
Senior (60+) $8;
Child (2-12) $8;
Child (1 and under) Free;
Parking $3

Kids are constantly delighted by this zoo, which puts a host of exotic animals within easy eye's view. Natural habitats showcase the residents as you'd find them in nature, and the zoo features everything from gorillas and giraffes to pandas, sea lions, and elephants.


Located on 30 acres near the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. It was formerly known as the Child's Estate Zoo. The zoo has been ranked numerous times as one of the nation's best small zoos. It has 600 animals in numerous exhibits, including capybara and red pandas , and is famous for having a giraffe with a crooked neck. The giraffe lives a normal life and is said to be in perfect health.

The Santa Barbara Zoo was featured in an episode of Behind the Bash in March of 2006 , when Giada de Laurentiis visited a catered wedding taking place at the zoo.


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